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Race map 2020.jpg
  • The start time is 8:00 am.

  • There is parking on site.

  • Come 30 minutes before the start to sign a waiver and get your race packet.

  • Pre-Race briefing starts 15 minutes before the race start time.

  • This is a great race to bring family and friends to. There is no food or water for supporters. Supporters need to bring their own chairs if they want to sit.

  • There is no childcare. You must supervise all children under 14.

  • Any pets must be kept on a leash and out of the race and pit area.

  • Our goal is to have fun and be safe. Please treat everyone as a friend. 

2022 Course Map

Why is it called the W. Hicks?

It's named after a good friend of mine Will Hicks. We go way back. Will taught me a ton about diving and we trained and dove together in FL for years with some crazy adventures. He is just such a cool guy and a blast to hang out with. You can just be yourself and that's ok. He is the one that got me into Obstacle course racing. We ran the Worlds Toughest Mudder together several times. Its a 24hr obstacle course run. Pretty crazy! Will loves the event so much he wants to get everyone out there to experience the magic of the event. He doesn't care if you are fast or slow, fat or thin. He just wants you to be out there and to do your best and that's totally enough. I wanted my race to embody the same mindset and attitude. That's why there is no time clock. We don't care if you are fast or slow, fat or thin. We just want you to come and run with us and experience the course for yourself and to have fun!

What to expect

This course is designed with all fitness levels in mind. The hard obstacles have a penalty for those who are fearful or are unable to complete the obstacle. The goal is to provide an obstacle that will challenge you but if you can not do it because of physical limitations or for other reasons you can do the penalty. The penalties are designed to take up more time then the obstacle would take. For example...if you cant complete the obstacle Monkey Madness (Monkey bars) then  you have to carry a sand bag to a point and back.

The most important thing about this course is that it is designed to be fun! I have run races in several states and even different country's. I try to take the things that I like about the different races and implement them here. 

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